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Hello, visitor!

The main idea of this site is to provide functionality for building team setups.

I developed this site to use it in offline mode, it doesn't use server as backend, so you can't share links on setups, nor you can share your setups between different medias.

Well, lies, you actually can share setups, that's why there's Data tab, but using it is tricky.


I want to thank all those people created and maintaining Shop Heroes Spreadsheet for this is an incredible source of ingame data!

And I give my due respects to creators of Team Builder Redux for inspiring me to make this site.


Due to this page is pure HTML and Javascript browsers cache files with initial content, hence sometimes no changes applied upon loading page. If you see something is broken or missing - just force refresh browser with CTRL+F5.

This site is best used with Google Chrome. It's fast and reliable.

This site can be used with Mozilla Firefox. It's slow and do not hone ES standards.

This site can not be used with any version of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Not until they make their code compatible with ES standards and jQuery.


Adjust your heroes, items and city upgrades at appropriate tabs:

All those tables can be filtered many ways, so you can faster navigate to specific item/hero you need.


Now you can proceed to Teams tab and start your party assembling

First add new team by clicking plus button.

Now you can start edit it by clicking pencil button on the left of team name. Set the team name and add heroes to it's roster. Checkbox near hero power emulates bulding boost bonus.


You can export and import custom data (ie changes info).

Select an option and do what you want:

Have fun in game!

You can help developing site!

Send me email with your feedback to

You can also contribute code and designs at Git Hub project page.